Labour Law

What labour law aspects are covered when you become a member of The Construction Platform (“TCP”)?

The Construction Platform (“TCP”) evolved in order to offer businesses affordable access to specialised legal services in order that business is able to meet the day-to-day legal challenges that they face in industry. 

It goes without saying that more often than not it is the labour force within the construction industry and respective businesses that can cause the greatest headaches and often result in exposing a company to unnecessary risks of litigation. 

This can arise as a consequence of the labour forces individual/collective claims; possible industrial action (not necessarily limited to strikes) and/or production or adherence with the terms of the respective construction contracts which in turn exposes the company to risks such as non-payment, litigation and so forth. 

It is for this reason that TCP offers our members with these added value services below as our emphasis is primarily on prevention rather than cure.

Added value services

In the event that you become a member of TCP you are afforded the opportunity to make use of these services subject to the nature of your membership: – 

  • access to specialist labour lawyers; 
  • contracts regulating the employment/work relationship such as below:
    • employment contracts:
      • permanent/indefinite employment  (with or without probation);
      • fixed term/indefinite employment;
      • Temporary employment services (where appropriate and applicable).
    • Independent contractor/consultancy contracts.
  • Drafting of codes and procedures to regulate the rules and performance standards within the company;
  • Ad hoc telephonic advice;
  • In–house training on all aspects of employment law;
  • application, interpretation and enforcement of the employment contracts and/or company’s code of conduct including but not necessarily limited to:
    • disciplinary action (all aspects such as chairing, initiating/prosecuting and representation);
    • grievance proceedings;
    • Incapacity proceedings (performance and medical). 
  • representation in the CCMA and/or Bargaining Councils; 
  • Representation in the labour court and/or Labour appeal Court’s. 

*Legal plans are subject to terms and conditions.