Construction Law

Our unique boutique firm of attorneys/ litigators/ construction professionals are specialists in the Construction and Contract law arena. We litigate on behalf of contractors and sub-contractors, on a contingency basis. * Subject to Terms and Conditions, available upon application.

There is an increasing trend for clients/project managers not to pay what is due to contractors/subcontractors. This can create dire circumstances where contractors/subcontractors are left out of pocket and often resulting in many smaller companies having to close their doors, resulting in job losses. We can ease the financial stress by offering these professional services (litigation and/or arbitration) on a “No Win No Fees” basis and have an excellent track record of success. Don’t delay give us a call today for a consultation.

Construction Law is flexible and dynamic as obligations and rights regularly evolve and change. Construction law is based on contractual principles of duties and rights of the contracting parties, and may also include delictual matters, such as situations where injury or death was caused by or arose out of accidents or negligence at construction sites.
Construction law in South Africa cannot be considered in isolation, as international standards and regulations, as well as international construction law, must be considered, as many of the contracts in construction law are global (such as NEC. FIDIC etc.).

We offer retainer and ad hoc services which includes but is not limited to, pre-contract advice, litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes in all aspects of construction and engineering disputes.

Added value services
  • “No Win No Fees” (subject to terms & conditions) basis for arbitrations and/or litigation for damages;
  • Compliance with Construction Industry Development Board Act and regulations;
  • Best Practice regulations and the preferred 4 forms of contract:
  • NEC3 family of standard contracts
  • General Conditions for Construction works
  • JBCC series 2000
  • Delays, Variations, discrepancies;
  • Bill of quantities;
  • Breach of contracts;
  • Penalty clauses;
  • Occupational Health and Safety issues;
  • Insurance law issues;
  • Employment law issues, and so on.